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Heya, I just installed Fallout 2 (never played it), and then installed the killap's Fallout 1.02+ Patch.

I also want to install the New Vision mod but..

Does the files in the mod "A New Vision v1.2" already contains all the bugfixes from killap's patch?
If yes, should I install the New Vision v1.2 right away, or install it previous versions (v1.0 or v1.1) first??

Also, if there are other cool mods to add into the install, let me know about it xD

Thanks for any info, tried to find this information but no luck :~~

Thanks for the mods and the patches as well!!

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NV is not compatible with nor include killap's patch. Use it with the original 1.02d version only.

Отправлено: 21:22 - 29 Марта, 2008

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